AI The Technology Impact (Panel Discussion)

AI the technology Impact


The technological Tidalwave will affect how a company operates starting with the infrastructure. The four walls will no longer be stationary, the walls will need to be adaptable to an accelerated hyper-automation. What will companies need to adapt and thrive?
Integrating AI technology into the workplace will be emphasized, with a focus on the infrastructure changes that will need to take place to make AI integration practical.
The Panelists will discuss the following topics with active audience participation.
  • Fears/Challenges
  • Implications
  • Applications and Recommendations
Day 2 will focus on the technological aspect of “wiring” the AI revolution.
  • What will be the leading indicators of the transition to an automated ecosystem?
  • How to maintain a lead in areas where humans are ahead and how to close the gap in areas where AI is ahead?
  • The need to differentiate your business model to adapt to the technology available to your competitors.
  • What is the Interaction between the IT and the Business Sides?
  • When will the data "pipes" be ready for data streams that are needed to automate? When will "the cloud" work?.
  • Can Generative AI Overhaul IT?
  • Will Artificial Empathy be viable?


Dr. Bülent Uyaniker

Dr. Bülent Uyaniker

Physicist and the founder at DataSpeckle Scientific

Leila Rao

Founder at AgileXtended

Hosni - Adra

Hosni Adra

Co-Founder at CreateASoft, Inc.


Paul Gulbin

Partner at Accelance

Himanshu Goil

Himanshu Goil

Managing Partner at Accelance

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