Robotic Process Automation

We automate and streamline your enterprise tasks – improving productivity, customer experience and job satisfaction

RPA Software has evolved significantly over the last years, from mimicking the work of an employee on a specific application to digitally optimizing enterprise processes – enabling Machine Learning and AI enabled gains in process effectiveness and efficiency

We collaborate with organizations to build automated, high performing solutions with seamless integration and superior output.

An effective RPA roadmap should include a thorough analysis of the RPA opportunities, followed by an initial proof of concept, with multiple checkpoints to plan and evaluate performance, benefits, and “lessons learned.
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We at Accelance evaluate process automation opportunities by the following key dimensions:

Automation Value Potential

Automation Complexity

Let’s get started with an initial Proof of Concept (POC) engagement – here is how we go about it:
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select best process for POC

Based on cost benefit, automation potential and complexity

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Define how the RPA environment will operate – people, process
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Record and document every step of the process, nothing exceptions, judgement activities and hand-offs
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Hand-off to development team for coding and testing
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Use a test environment that simulates the operating infrastructure, using “real” transactions to simulate operations
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Thoroughly test the transaction flow across all types of scenarios

Incorporate production staff to ensure all exceptions/ operational nuances are captured

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Run monitored production batches, increasing transaction volumes as robotic performance proves accurate
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Ensure adequate training, monitoring and support are instituted

Roles redefinition- RPA monitoring/ admin roles vs. exception handling/ remaining manual activities