Digital Transformation

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Align on Business Ambition

Align on business ambitions. What are your business objectives based on identifying target outcomes, desired behaviors and your success metrics?

KPIs & Dashboard to measure digital initiatives

Align on Business ambition

Uncover Actionable Insights

What unique, actionable insights into stakeholders’ behaviors and needs indicate the transformation and innovation potential for processes and experiences?

Stakeholder Personas as a specific design target for new digital experiences!

Design the Digital Experience

What is the current business experience? What is the ideal future-state digital business experience that will meet your transformation needs and achieve your business objectives?

Prioritized Journey Maps for customer journeys of “wow” opportunities.

Design the digital experiance

Define the Enabling Capabilities

What are the required capabilities organization-wide to achieve the digital vision? Systems? Data? Processes? People? Organizational Structures?

Capability Gaps Across people, process, technology and data

Create a Digital Transformation Roadmap

What is the minimally viable digital footprint? How might the digital business experience evolve over time? How might your organization evolve over time?

Digital Roadmap of the transformation journey

Create a Digital Transformation Roadmap