intelligent Business Process Management

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Rapidly advancing digitization and everchanging new disruptive technologies provide improvement opportunities in all areas of the business. Accelerating your enterprise performance by adapting modern business applications and technology solutions like RPA, ML, AI, IoT etc. are a must in today’s global economy.

iBPM is a business process management platform that allows you to identify, assess, prioritize, manage and monitor the improvement of your process effectiveness and efficiency – across your enterprise or any level of organizational unit.

iBPM combines a traditional, comprehensive framework for business process management with stakeholder networking, improvement collaboration and analytics to foster digitally enabled transformations.

The 6 Key Dimensions

Group 20 Created with Sketch. iBPM Intelligent business process management platform to identify, assess, prioritize and track process maturity improvements and value creation opportunities 1. Business Process Landscape iBPM 6. Reporting & Monitoring 2. Organizational Profiling 3. Performance Management 4. Application & Technology Management 5. Risks & Compliance Management

Business Process Landscape

  • Enterprise Process Framework
  • Process Maturity Assessment
  • Project Specific Scoping
Business Process Landscape

Organizational Profiling

  • Business Model Identification
  • Process to Org Unit Mapping
  • Process Standardization Target
  • Process Governance

Performance Management

  • Process KPI analysis
  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Value Creation Opportunity (VCO) Management
  • Stakeholder Feedback Analysis
Performance Management

Application & Technology Management

  • Process to Business Application Mapping
  • Process Automation Assessment
  • Digital Innovation Assessment (AI, ML Manufacturing 4.0 etc.)

Risks & Compliance Management

  • Process rules and controls
  • Process Risk Identification
  • Regulatory Process Requirement Mapping
  • Robotic Compliance Automation
Risk Compliance management
Reporting and Monitoring

Reporting & Monitoring

  • Transformation Map
  • Process Maturity Heat Map
  • Process Innovation Scorecard
  • VCO Implementation Tracking

The 4 Steps to accelerated digital performance

Process Identifikation Created with Sketch.
Best practice facilitated process identification and initial mapping to enterprise organizational units
Process Maturity Assessment Created with Sketch.
Process maturity assessment
Collaborative and concurrent process description and maturity scoring , including status of existing documentation, KPI’s, controls and automation
Performance Analytics Created with Sketch.
Performance Analytics
Integrated analysis and stakeholder sentiment about process performance, process accuracy and compliance
Prioritazation & Implementation Created with Sketch.
Prioritization and Implementation
Evaluation and prioritization of innovation and improvement opportunities on process level incl. Implementation tracking

The Key Business Drivers for intelligent Business Process Management

  • BPM is a pre-requisite or key-enabler in order to facilitate innovative and accelerated process performance.
  • Increasing complexity of organizations and increasing transparency requirements lead to demand for process and value performance management solutions.
  • Increasing advancement in digital technologies requires continuous reflection on applicability and adoption.
  • Reduced retention time of employees leads to need for improved process documentation.
  • Changing cultural behaviors require more collaborative and flexible process environments.
  • Stronger regulations for compliance and sustainability management drive need for reliable controls
  • Integrated AI, ML and robotic automation solutions combined with the need of superior UX capabilities drive renewed requirements for intelligent BPM
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Enabling the power of iBPM

Solution Features

  • Best Practice Process Knowledge Repository
  • Process Harmonization & Optimization
  • Process Maturity & Performance Management
  • Process Integration & Data Management
  • Process Compliance & Controls Management
  • Innovation Value Management
  • Stakeholder Feedback Management
  • Reporting & Value Tracking

iBPM – Cloud Based APP

iBPM Cloud based application allows for intuitive and user-friendly navigation with easy to manage profiling, identification and tracking of opportunities, benefit calculation and monitoring, mapping of maturity status and goals, as well as incorporating stakeholder feedback.
APIC – Cloud Based APP