Robotic Compliance Automation

Abiding to your security policies and control guidelines has never been easier, faster and more accurate

Compliance doesn’t have to be challenging and complex by applying advanced technologies to your existing enterprise compliance activities. Robotic Compliance Automation accelerates your regulatory and corporate compliance performance by improving processing time, eliminating human error and enable continuous compliance . The typical workflow of key components for automating evidence collection and validation for specific compliance requirements is illustrated below:
Robotic Compliance Automation

Sample Compliance automation process

Sample Compliance Automation Process Created with Sketch. Compliance Requirement Compliance Report Validation Repository Network Services BOT Query Engine Endpoint Target 1 7 6 3 2 5 4 5
To get you started with your compliance automation journey our team of experienced compliance and RPA experts follows 4 simple steps.
Roadmap Created with Sketch. 1. Prepare 2. Train 3. Test 4. Run Assessment & Fit Analysis Solution Design Proof of Concept (“POC”) Development & Configuration Validation of error free script execution incl. exception handling. Formalized Operations & Management
After the initial implementation, RCA should be institutionalized, with restructured operations to formalize support, monitoring and management to ensure business & IT continuity and stable performance.