Accelerated Continuous Compliance Orchestration

Tackling the compliance challenge digitally and enabling total cost reductions of 40-50%

acco provides a complete compliance solution across data privacy and IT security regulations like PCI DSS, NIST, ISO, HIPPA, HITRUST, GDPR and CCA. Powered as Software as a Service with single sign on and advanced analytics.

acco is a true game changer – turning the traditional compliance audit and certification process upside down. With acco you know every moment your security risk position and your report of compliance (ROC) is at your fingertips.

acco – Your One Stop Shop for your Compliance Needs and No Compliance Experience Needed!
Continuous Compliance - acco Created with Sketch. acco-ONE Compliance Management Platform for PCI- DSS, HIPAA, SOC-2, ISO, NIST, CCPA, GDPR, Cyber Security and Many more acco-PEN Penetration testing acco acco-SCAN Vulnerability scanning acco-LOG Audit Logging acco-LEARN Learning Management acco-REC Interview recording acco-BOT Robotic Compliance Automation


Our digital and intuitive compliance management solution, that guides the user step-by-step through your compliance journey, with key features like:
  • compliance dashboard of your compliance and risk posture
  • compliance task engine, tailored to your company’s business and regulatory obligations
  • compliance reporting and audit assessment automation


Our security and compliance learning management solution for mandatory and recommended training courses, with key features like:
  • Interactive, engaging library of training courses with gamification and course certificates.
  • Progress monitoring and reminder notifications.
  • Compliance score dashboard and reporting.




Our compliance interview solution for the digital recording and processing of mandatory audit interviews, with key features like:
  • Interactive interview platform in audio or video, with preloaded questionnaires and voice to text translation
  • Interview record management with notes, bookmarks and search functionality.


Our compliance penetration testing solution

Our penetration testing solution is based on an industry-accepted methodologies and include the following criteria:



Our compliance audit logging and alerting solution

Our audit logging and alerting solution collects, correlates, analyzes and stores log data from all system components and devices in a central database that is used to proactively report on potential security incidents as they occur. Automated logic is applied to audit logs based on predefined criteria to report to management real-time incidents that can be addressed immediately. Logs are retained for at least a year so that data is preserved should further investigations be required.


Our compliance vulnerability management solution

Our internal and external vulnerability assessments categorize vulnerabilities by severity, allowing the business to prioritize remediation efforts based on the risk they pose to the company.

  • acco-SCAN uses a database that is continuously updated with the latest threats, providing proactive monitoring of the client environment.compliance reporting and audit assessment automation